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For over 50 years of serving those in need in Solano County.

Dating back to 1967 and the War on Poverty, CAN-B has evolved and grown over five decades to include our current vision of ending homelessness. These long standing accomplishments are due to the combined he efforts of committed staff, loyal volunteers as well the generosity of the community itself. CAN-B continues to be focused on the needs of those on extremely low incomes, including seniors, veterans and the disabled, in order that they may live healthy and productive lives.

As a point of reference, the Community Action Committee was established in 1967 by the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964. Originally a participating partner with the Solano Economic Opportunity Council (SCOE), it was organized to provide direct human services to the poor in Solano County. The CAC was comprised of local citizens who addressed basic needs in the following areas: employment, food, clothing, housing and transportation.

In 1992 the Fairfield-Suisun Community Action Council as an independent 501(c)3, California non-profit operating as a public interest, community-based organization. The CAC stayed true to its roots by working with the most vulnerable, specializing in housing the chronically homeless. In 2008, the Season of Sharing program was undertaken to provide rental assistance for homeless prevention with minimal operating funds to start off.

Our service to those who have served began in 2009 with two VA grant awards: One to purchase housing and a second to operate it in partnership with them. The Dixon VETS Housing program has rehabilitated over 125 veterans since 2010.

In 2013, the CAC rebranded as Community Action North Bay (CAN-B) to better reflect the expansion of services and geographic areas served. Solano County residents who are homeless or at-risk of same are now offered both supportive housing and rapid rehousing services (rental assistance). CAN-B specializes in specific populations such as veterans, seniors and the disabled who are among the most vulnerable. CAN-B’s VA Fiduciary and Social Security Representative Payee Services are provided to 68 individuals and is the only business of its kind operating in Solano County

Five decades, one mission, and all action is what has been. Continuing out legacy of service to those in need for another half century means that someday an end to homeless and poverty truly CAN-B.

Our Values

Led By Passion, Purpose, Values and Integrity.


HOME Securing and maintaining a safe, stable and affordable place to live.


Overcoming or managing one’s diseases as well as living in a physically, emotionally and financially healthy way.


Engaging in meaningful daily activities, such as employment, education, volunteerism, family care taking or creative endeavors, resulting in the independence, income and resource to participate in society.


Developing relationships and social networks that provide supportive, friendship, love and hope.


All homeless people have the right to shelter service regardless of religious affiliation, race, color, national origin, ancestry, political or religious beliefs, language, disability, family composition, gender identity and/or sexual orientation. Staff must respect and be sensitive to the diversity of residents. Residents’ rights are protected against all forms of discrimination.
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